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What is ASTS?

The Association for Skilled and Technical Sciences is the nationally recognized organization for instructors, administrators, teacher educators, industry partners, and other supporters of the Skilled and Technical Sciences programs. The organizational philosophy maintains and promotes the traditional Trade and Industrial foundations which are now being expressed in more current technological methodologies. The scientific and mathematical concepts required in today's workplace are expressed through newly designed programs of study in classrooms across America. ASTS endorses the move to more stringent academic standards in the Skilled Trades programs, as required by the U.S. Office of Education, while maintaining the high level of competency-based skill sets expected by our Industry Partners.

This is a more difficult path to follow than our traditional approach to Trade programs which existed in the 80's and 90's, but it is the preferred and expected direction set forth by our national leadership which is being endorsed by today's employers. ASTS leadership is committed to promoting a stronger, more educated workforce through the involvement of all those concerned, including our academic and industrial collaborators. We believe this should be a true partnership of instruction and leadership to provide direction and support of the skilled trades programs to build a strong, united and educated workforce of the future to keep America at the forefront of Commerce and Industry in the global economy.

Friends of ASTS

ASTS has developed a compliment to our Industry Partnership program. We have offered an Industry Partnership Agreement to corporate entities that requires a donation of $1,000.00 or more. The new "Friends of ASTS" program allows for various donation levels. We hope this provides a greater number of our business, industry and educator friends the opportunity to support the mission and goals of ASTS.

"Friends of ASTS" is a program which reaches out to all those who believe that we need to have a strong leadership organization to direct and promote positive changes in those programs that prepare students for the workplace of tomorrow. We have designed the program so that everyone involved; instructors, administrators, schools, businesses, advisory committees, trade associations, apprenticeship and training programs, or any other group that wishes to support the cause may donate funds to ASTS. The smallest donation, which is designed for individuals, is $50.00. Increments of that amount will be accepted from businesses and others. This is not a membership to ASTS; it is an annual donation to the organization. Contributions will provide more opportunities for ASTS to increase our promotional and educational services to instructors. All donors will be recognized on the web site on the Donors page.

How to Make Donations

Contributors may mail their donation directly to ASTS. We urge you to visit the website to obtain more information about ASTS.

ASTS Contact information:

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ASTS Executive Director
176 Rappahannock Beach Drive
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